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Listen to some past visitors

Preston (Memel Visitor),

I really didn't know what to expect. This was not my first trip to South Africa, but this was my first to Memel - I did a little research and saw there is a big wetland next to town, so I was encouraged. The experience... the people I met here... it was all beautiful. I am taking this experience with me for the rest of my life!

Cindy (Memel Visitor),

I felt so very lucky to visit South Africa for the first time in my life. My experience on the Safari was magical. I saw 4 of the big 5! I saw Lion, wow! I saw Rhino and Buffalo. There was this Elephant that walked right in front of our truck - he was gorgeous!

Bryan (Memel Visitor),

Sitting here on top of this rock by this great waterfall... all the way over in South Africa right at this moment, makes me feel present! Life is too short

Marley (2 Time Visitor),

I came home to Vermont so visibly moved by the impact I was creating for the girls in Zamani, my mom bought me an airplane ticket and sent me right back to do more!

Marco (Memel Visitor),

This is an experience of a lifetime for me, in that I have never been to Africa before! My name is Marco Lam and I love South Africa!

Jamie (Memel Visitor),

I feel really lucky to have shared this experience with my husband and my daughter. I am super grateful that we came this far. I admire Cindy and Steven for the work they have done here and for their love and care!

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